Why use glass containers?

Why use glass containers? That’s what many people wonder when they see this passing by on the internet. In recent years, you see more and more people using glass containers. This is because it has many advantages, which are very important. Plastic packaging is still the most widely used today, and the average Dutch person opens 7 plastic containers a day. Almost everyone knows that plastic is very bad for the environment, but that is not the only thing. There are many more disadvantages to using plastic packaging. Many people suffer from this, but still continue to use plastic packaging. Do you want to know why glass packaging is so much better than plastic packaging? In this article, we contrast them, so you can find out all about it.

Glass is very safe

Glass is very safe compared to plastic, and this might seem a bit strange. When glass breaks, there is a high chance that you will cut yourself. Of course, this is not completely safe, but this is not what we mean. Glass is a lot safer than plastic, and this is because plastic contains many dangerous substances. Especially when you pack food in a plastic container, it can be harmful to your health. These hazardous substances can leak and that is something you want to avoid. Glass is safe in that respect and can be used perfectly well for food packaging. Some hazardous substances in plastic are carcinogenic, which is why it is wise to opt for glass. Also, glass has a special shield that works against gasses and contaminants. This means food also stays good longer and does not get bacterial growth easily.

In addition, glass also cannot be scratched, and this is a big advantage. In scratches, dirt can easily accumulate and so this is not possible. Also, glass is easy and can be used for almost all remedies. You can put cosmetic products in it, but of course also food.

Ordering on glasmeister.com

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