Sex Appeal, Not Always Visible from Physical Appearance

Mengenal Sex Appeal dan Cara Meningkatkan Daya Tarik Seksual!

Everyone has a different sex appeal, namely the attraction to make others rise up the erotic side. There are people who are blessed with attractive looks so that their sex appeal is high, but the appeal of this one is not always related to beautiful looks or beautiful bodies.

There are people who sex appeal immediately visible when it is first seen. Generally, this happens due to physical factors. But there are also times when sex appeal grows slowly along with frequent interactions, also influenced by certain traits or body language.

The key to the emergence of sex appeal

One of the factors that can increase a person’s sex appeal is when he can accept self-deficiencies so that self-confidence can even be felt by others.

In addition, it is also interesting to know the key to the emergence of sex appeal such as:

1. Situation

In the world of social psychology, every individual will like and be interested in other people who also like him. That is, there are reciprocal affections in this regard. When there are two people who interact and enjoy each other positive relationships such as mutual praise or fun with each other, this will increase the person’s sex appeal.

In fact, some studies mention when someone feels something interesting or even stimulating, will unconsciously connect with the person he likes. The more often this happens, the greater the interest there is.

2. Attractive

How attractive a person also determines their sex appeal. It’s not just a matter of being handsome or beautiful, but the way a person expresses himself. When the person can act dynamically, this will make him look sexy and sex appeal increases.

This relates to body language, not merely a matter of physical appearance. Of course, body language cannot be made up because it is related to a person’s charisma. These attractive things include friendly faces, ways of speaking with interesting intonation, to eyes that can talk.

3. Physical appearance

As mentioned earlier, physical appearance also determines a person’s sex appeal. How the face, body, to other physical features in more detail

Indeed, this is not lasting because aging, plastic surgery, or even injury can change it. But in general, sex appeal is also influenced by physical appearance.

4. Innate yourself

How a person chooses clothes, makeup, hairstyles, and the way he carries himself also determines sex appeal. Of course the sex appeal of people who care for themselves and clean much higher than those who are dirty and wear untidy clothes.

Is there a way to increase sex appeal?

Sex appeal makes someone look more attractive. No need to worry if you are not born with a physical appearance such as an attractive face and body, because sex appeal is not just a physical appearance.

Some of these things can help increase one’s sex appeal:

•        Grow a beard

In a survey of 8,500 women in Sydney, 20% of them thought men with beards had a higher sex appeal than those shaved off. Still from the same study, women consider facial hair as a symbol of one’s masculine.

•        Maintain body posture

When a person’s posture is maintained, both male and female, of course he will look more attractive. For example standing up straight to exercise to build muscle body. When someone is accustomed to maintaining his posture, over time this will be a factor that increases sex appeal.

•        Sweating

Even sweating can increase one’s sex appeal. Women are more attracted to men who are sweating due to exercise – and vice versa – because there is a chemical “androstadienone” in sweat that can improve mood.

The presence of chemicals that arise when men sweat will have a psychological effect on women. Not only makes the mood of people who see it better, but also becomes its own sexual stimulation.

•        Comfortable talking partner

Feeling comfortable when interacting with the other person can also be a factor that makes sex appeal increases. Of course this is rarely directly manifested in the first meeting, but needs more intensive interaction.

When men and women feel comfortable with each other, interactions will take place more fluid. Not only that, intimacy will also make them throw jokes to each other and make the atmosphere closer.

•        Clean and attractive

There are people who look taller when they wear certain clothing colors, but not everyone knows this. More important than just the color of clothing is to maintain cleanliness of the body. People who always look clean and also smell good will have a higher sex appeal than those who pay less attention to appearance.