Not only fear of being excessive, these are 5 bad effects of phobias for mental health

Phobias: Symptoms, types, causes, and treatment

When a person experiences a phobia, his emotional and mental state becomes disturbed when confronted with his fear. What are the bad effects of phobias on a person’s emotional state? Here’s the review.

The bad effect of phobias on the sufferer’s mentality

Here are the various bad effects of phobias on your emotional and mental state:

1. Feeling helpless

People who have phobias are usually aware that what they are afraid of excessively is actually not normal. However, he felt powerless to change it.

In this condition, you will usually feel there is nothing you can do to cure it. You feel that you will live with this phobia for the rest of your life. Especially if it turns out that you have tried therapy to overcome your phobia but have not produced results.

In addition, this sense of helplessness also appears when the phobia has begun to affect various aspects of life such as work, social life, and inner peace. So that you feel there is no hope to be able to throw it away from your mind and life.

2. Feeling isolated

Annoying phobias, such as social phobia, can make you feel isolated. You will wonder in your heart why you are different from others, why you can’t easily interact with other people.

As a result, this can affect your relationships with family and friends. You can become an increasingly closed person and feel different. In the end, you’re only adding to your stress.

3. Feeling out of control

One of the worst emotional problems with phobias is feeling out of control. The reason is, when experiencing a phobia, a person understands very well that the phobia is very excessive.

However, no matter how hard you try, you can’t control it. Therefore, every time he is faced with his fears, at that moment he feels he loses control.

4. Feeling shy

Phobias can make you feel both awkward and embarrassed. For example, when the office requires you to go out of town by plane, you will feel a dilemma.

On the one hand, you feel afraid because flying on a plane is something you really avoid due to your phobia. But on the other hand, you feel embarrassed to tell your boss about your phobia.

Another example is when you have a phobia of rubber bands. Then when you buy food and the seller wraps it with a rubber band, you suddenly make an unusual reaction that makes people around you turn around. As a result, you feel embarrassed and this only makes the phobia even worse.

5. Feeling limited and anxious all the time

Phobias make you feel quite real struggles in life. Especially if the phobia you experience, for example, is very close to everyday life so it is very difficult to avoid.

In other words, certain phobias can impair your overall quality of life. As a result, you will feel limited and anxious all the time because you are constantly thinking about what if suddenly today in front of your eyes the thing you feared would appear.