It is often said “a cat always lands on its feet”. Yes, but not always. The feline may also be prone to other problems with its front and hind legs. Pets R Priority is one of the best place on the web for info like this, check them out. Your cat limps and you want to know the reasons for this lameness? Discover the 5 probable causes!

My cat limps because of an ingrown claw

Ingrown claw is a common and painful condition in older cats. Joint stiffness prevents him from scratching normally and maintaining his coat. The cat’s claw grows and comes to plant itself directly in the pad. The cat limps, bleeds at the puncture site and licks its paw. A veterinary consultation is necessary in order to remove the end of the claw and to disinfect the wound.

In prevention, it is recommended to cut the claws of the senior cat using a nail clipper. Brushing the coat is also necessary for its well-being.

Osteoarthritis in my aging cat

A joint pathology particularly affects the aging cat: osteoarthritis . It is a degenerative joint disease that affects cats over 11 years old. The animal has trouble climbing, playing and grooming. The cat limps in its daily movements. A veterinarian appointment can confirm osteoarthritis through x-rays. The practitioner can prescribe an appropriate treatment. He can also offer special treatments such as osteopathy and hydrotherapy sessions.

The addition of essential fatty acids in the cat’s bowl acts as an excellent natural anti-inflammatory. Spatial planning also makes life easier for him: avoid high food and water bowls, choose a low-sided litter box, etc.

My cat limps from a cut on a pad

Stepping on a piece of glass or barbed wire can cause the cat to split the pad open . This cut is painful and bleeds a lot. It prevents the cat from placing its paw correctly or it manifests a limp. Therefore, it is important to take the animal to a veterinarian in order to know the depth of the wound and treat it.

My cat has a sprain

Poor landing on the ground can cause a sprain . The cat’s paw is swollen and extremely painful to the touch. Again, a veterinary consultation is necessary with in-depth examinations to confirm that the leg is not broken. The healthcare professional usually prescribes anti-inflammatories and rest for the animal’s rapid recovery. 

A fracture explains my cat’s lameness

The fracture occurs during a car accident or a fall from several floors ( parachute cat symptom ). The injured cat limps or even literally drags its paw. This is a life-threatening emergency. The cat must have an x-ray. Depending on the diagnosis, he may have a cast , undergo surgery in order to put a brace on him , or in the worst case, undergo an amputation .

If the indoor cat loves to bask in the sun for hours on the edge of the window, the best thing is to install a balcony protection net. Thus, the feline can enjoy the outdoors while being completely safe. Regarding the outdoor cat, there is unfortunately no miracle solution. However, it is possible to equip it with a GPS collar in order to always know where it is.

My cat has a limp: coverage of an abscess by cat insurance

An abscess is a lump of pus that can be located under the cat’s paw. Fights between animals may explain this skin condition. The paw is hot and painful. Sometimes the abscess bursts on its own. However, the cat manifests various symptoms that should give warning such as fever, lameness, sudden depression and even loss of appetite. A veterinary appointment is essential for disinfection and the prescription of antibiotics.

Example of reimbursement with the Chat + formula (60% reimbursement)

Vagabond, a 3 year old cat suffers from an abscess on his paw. His owner paid 212.50 euros to the vet. Assur O’Poil reimbursed him 127.50 euros with a remaining member of 85.00 euros.

This information is given as an example. The amount of the costs may vary according to the veterinarians, the management of the disease or the accident of the animal.