How Effective is the QuitSure app for quitting smoking?

QuitSure app for quitting smoking

We all know how difficult it is to stop smoking. When they say prevention is better than cure, the statement holds absolutely true in the case of smoking. In a world where the highest success rates of any quit smoking method are merely 5-10%, and you stumble upon something with a success rate of a whopping 95%, it becomes rather hard to believe. 

Well, that’s what I thought too when I heard about QuitSure, a personalised app that helps people quit smoking in as little as 6 days. The app claims that there will be no cravings and no urges after quitting since they work on the root cause of the problem – they eliminate the need to smoke. They positively condition the minds of smokers. 

And what surprised me was that, everywhere I looked, people were praising the program for helping them transform their lives into a smoke free one.

All this tripled my curiosity. So I took a deep dive  into the app’s reviews on the Google Play store to unearth the truth myself. Here are my findings.

The app has 4080 reviews on the play store. 3427 (84%) reviews were 5 stars, and almost all of them said that the program helped them quit smoking. Most users also say that they didn’t face any cravings after completing the program which made it easy to quit despite their initial doubts.

The remaining 16% of reviews were mixed. When I read around 70-80 of these reviews, I found that most were simply complaining about the app being paid (they launched the app as a free version and later attached a small fee for it) or facing some technical issue. These users didn’t do the program. Less than 5% of these reviews were about the app not being able to help them quit smoking or vaping after completing the app’s program.

Here are some of the most common types of reviews that I found:

With the help of this remarkable app, it has been a year now since I stopped smoking. My life has never been better. Since I stopped, I have been able to focus on real goals and things that matter in my life. Thanks To the QuitSure team, your app is truly a gem. I started this program when it was completely free and trust me, after finishing the program, you will definitely quit. There are no second thoughts. Just buy the subscription if they have started charging, as it will save a whole lot of money after

Another user, Nigel, said, “A lot of really useful info, and certainly a huge part of my quitting and staying quit. I’d been smoking for 40 years and had tried and failed a heap of times, and I’m now 12 months smoke-free.” Wow, kudos to you, Nigel, for being smoke-free for a whole year. This was such an interesting take by Henry Koh. “Today is the 7th month I’ve quit smoking without a puff after 20 years of smoking, thanks to this wonderful program.” I didn’t believe this would work, especially since I was already on my second day of cold turkey and this program wanted me to resume smoking! Of course, I am obligated as I’m dying for a smoke. I followed the instructions closely and at the end of the 6th day, I lit my final cigarette, and the rest was history. I’m blessed to be able to finally quit after at least a dozen attempts! ” IKR! The app asks people to smoke during the program, the same as their normal routine, if not more, and by the end of the program, people get absolutely ready to say goodbye to these disease sticks, once and forever. Truly powerful stuff.

Theresa Liebenberg had been smoking for almost all her life and then found QuitSure to say, “Absolutely amazing! I smoked for 35 years and 40 cigarettes a day. I am now smoke-free for 7 months. No cravings. I get annoyed with people smoking near me and then have to stop myself and think “Hey, that was me for many years.” I don’t miss it at all. This program really works!” A 35-year smoker is now irritated when she sees others smoking. All this instills faith in the powerful effect of positive psychology that the app uses to remove the mental dependency on smoking. They don’t ask you to change anything; your friends, your habits, your lifestyle, nothing… They just change your mindset regarding smoking, and that is the most important part.

A part of me suspected that these reviews were fabricated.So I dug into reddit, quora, Facebook groups, and many other online articles and reviews. Finally I was convinced that the reviews were not fake. In fact, those people who pay for the app and then don’t get success are more likely to write negative reviews. But I could hardly find such users or their negative reviews.

Believe me guys, this is just the tip of the iceberg. I cannot list down all the reviews here, the list is too long. But I can surely conclude that this method is the easiest, quickest, cheapest, and most effective quit smoking method out there.

So, without any doubt, you can use it to alter your life. And if you don’t succeed, they provide a 100% refund.

“A few of our team members were apprehensive about introducing the money-back guarantee because the users could simply ask for a refund even after they succeed. (It is a no-question-asked refund policy, and we don’t verify if the user actually failed to quit.) But we had faith in the program and in our users. To our surprise, less than 1% of users ask for refunds. We believe that they are truly grateful for the impact that this app has created on their lives.”, says the CMO of QuitSure.

Cheers to all the people who are willing to take the first step towards a healthier life with QuitSure.

Take care, folks.

I will be asking my cousin to use it the next time I visit him;)