Frizzell Family Pumped Up To Open Lakeland Health & Fitness

Lakeland Health & Fitness owners JD and Emily Frizzell.

by Carmen Greger

Lakeland Health & Fitness owners JD and Emily Frizzell are jumping up and down with anticipation for their Grand Opening in Lakeland and hope that you can ‘fit in’ a visit on August 13th to see all they have to offer. Their new location will be located at 9875 Huff N Puff Road in Lakeland.

Committed for life, as partners in marriage, as parents and in business, they claim that a delicate balance, a focused intent and respecting their self-imposed healthy boundaries are the keys to their success, and they look forward to further growing together as a family, as a business and as part of the Lakeland community.

LC: How is Lakeland Living?

JD: We LOVE living in Lakeland. We moved here in 2016 when we were about to have our first child. The combination of safe neighborhoods, trails, access to the rest of Memphis, and natural beauty drew us here.

LC: Where were the two of you born and raised?

JD: Emily was born in Alaska and I was born in Indiana. We both came to Memphis for jobs!

LC: Capture your mission, mindset, intention and strategy for LLF in one powerful sentence.

JD: We meet every client where they are on their health and fitness journey and carefully craft a plan and then guide and motivate them to successfully meet their goals.

LC: What types of programs do you offer at your facility?

JD: After bringing each new client in via a process called On Ramp, we offer a combination of personal training, small group training, nutrition coaching, and kids fitness classes. Everything we do is coach-led, and no one is ever left on their own.

LC: I know it was very challenging to have in-person classes during the height of the pandemic. How was LLF effected and what creative ways did you utilize to maintain and/or gain momentum?

JD: We moved online, then outside, and started to get creative with our offerings. The pandemic led us to our new business model of customized plans and expanded offerings like kids’ classes and nutrition coaching!

LC: JD, I see you have some seasoned experts on your staff. Do you think we could gather a couple so they can share their top 3 workout tips & techniques and a quote they live by?

JD: Absolutely!

1) Don’t Be Afraid to Lift Heavy (making sure proper form is your main focus before increasing loads)

2) Consistency Is Key (when it comes to working out, there’s no magic number of days or hours that you need to hit the gym. Just stay consistent)

3) Food Is Fuel (eating a healthy diet is essential for helping your body recover from workouts and perform at its best.)

‘A good trainer will meet you where you are and take you where you need to go’.

Matt (Head of Small Group Training), Steven (head of Personal Training) and
Ashley (Head of Nutrition Coaching)

Workout tips:

1.) Just start now don’t wait until Monday

2.) YOU vs. YOU (your journey)

3.) You get to do this (not I have to)

“Strive for 1% better version of you everyday, making small changes!”

Workout tips:

  1. Utilize free weights more.
  2. Better sleep makes better workouts.
  3. Warm up extensively

“The goal is just to get fit, make it the best hour of your day, stay safe, turn up the music, high five some people, and blow off some steam. So, remember that. Relax. Have fun. Workouts.”

LC: Best LLF Workout Playlist ever?

JD: 90’s Workout on Spotify

LC: What’s more important when trying to achieve peak performance and optimal health, fitness or nutrition?

JD: Both are equally important– if either one is lacking, it will become the limiter for the other! This is why we focus on each part.

LC: If our readers were willing to dedicate 20 mins a day (and only 20) to be more proactively healthy, what would you have them do in those 20 mins and why?

JD: Move weight and move with intensity. A recent study showed that 1 minute of high intensity exercise is worth 3 minutes of low intensity. Adding resistance (weights) is what will change your body, tone your muscles, activate your metabolism, and keep you moving as you get older.

LC: Are there any other gyms out there you like yourselves to? Why? Why not?

JD: There are some gyms like ours around the country, but none in this immediate area. Because we focus on each client individually with such detail and care, we can provide exceptional results for every single person who walks through our doors.

Inside Lakeland Health & Fitness at their Huff n Puff Rd location.

LC: Your best life experience so far?

JD: Being a Dad to my two amazing sons, Henry (5) and Elliott (1).

LC: Best experience ever at LLF and why?

JD: The first day of training here in our new facility. It was the result of three years of hard work, planning, and vision.

LC: Favorite quote?

JD: “In a universe of a million billion stars, you are the only you.” -me

LC: That’s a t-shirt. You should print it and sell along with your LHF logo on it.

JD: Favorite family meal?

LC: Healthy Mexican Casserole

LC: Favorite on the go snack?

JD: Perfect Bar and an apple

LC: Best way to hydrate beyond drinking water?

JD: Liquid IV or Vitamin Water Zero

LC: How do you feel it impacts your children to be in and around LLF so regularly?

JD: They see taking care of yourself as a normal, healthy thing to do!

LC: What made the two of you want to go into business together and buy LLF rather than remain members?

JD: It changed my life, and I knew that I could take it to the next level to help even more people.

LC: What does it take to make your marriage, business and parenthood all thrive simultaneously?

JD: Very careful time management, empowerment of my team, and saying “no” to a lot.

LC: How do you hope to grow and evolve LLF in the near and distant future?

JD: We will continue to expand our offerings into younger kids (elementary), older adults through our Legends program, and find more ways to positively impact the community through health.

LC: Can you give our readers a quick, zero equipment, travel friendly workout:

JD: Sure!

5 Rounds For Time of the following:
7 Burpees
14 Sit Ups
21 Air Squats
28 Jumping Jacks

Lakeland Health & Fitness Grand Opening will be on August 13, 2022 at 9875 Huff N Puff Road in Lakeland.