Frizzell Family Pumped Up To Open Lakeland Health & Fitness

Lakeland Health & Fitness owners JD and Emily Frizzell.

by Carmen Greger

Lakeland Health & Fitness owners JD and Emily Frizzell are jumping up and down with anticipation for their Grand Opening in Lakeland and hope that you can ‘fit in’ a visit on August 13th to see all they have to offer. Their new location will be located at 9875 Huff N Puff Road in Lakeland.

Committed for life, as partners in marriage, as parents and in business, they claim that a delicate balance, a focused intent and respecting their self-imposed healthy boundaries are the keys to their success, and they look forward to further growing together as a family, as a business and as part of the Lakeland community.

LC: How is Lakeland Living?

JD: We LOVE living in Lakeland. We moved here in 2016 when we were about to have our first child. The combination of safe

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Different perceptions of training intensity | Fit and Healthy | Pikes Peak Courier

Intensity is one of the hardest things to dial in for people in the gym. Everyone has a different perception, a different goal and a different body. In my experience, I’ve had times when I trained too hard and did not allow for adequate recovery. On the flipside, other times I’ve trained too lightly and did not push myself hard enough to elicit a proper stimulus for growth.

Many people may also think they are training hard, but in fact do not know the extended boundaries of their potential. Finding a personal trainer or experienced friend may help you figure out what your actually capable of.

There are a few terms I want to go over and make sure are understood:

Absolute muscle failure — Also known as muscle failure, this is when the body is not capable of producing anymore repetitions of the exercise you are performing. True failure

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Josh Kelly: I Feel So Strong, Healthy and Fit; Just Powerful at 154

Sunderland AFC’s Dan Neil showed his support for Josh Kelly (11-1-1, 7 KOs) as they walked around the Stadium of Light together, reminiscing about sporting dreams and memories from the past, present, and for the future.

Kelly leads a star-studded line up as he continues his World Title pursuit with a mouth-watering clash against top Argentinian contender Lucas Bastida (18-1-1, 10 KOs) for the WBO International Super Welterweight Championship as part of a huge night of action on Saturday July 30 at the Vertu Motors Arena, live on Channel 5.

Kelly returned home ahead of his headline fight on the North East takeover card as he looks to claim the belt and move into the world rankings. A trip down memory lane at the home of his beloved Sunderland AFC reminded the former Olympian of where it all began and what he’s fighting for.

“When I was a kid, I

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Why women and weights are a healthy fit | Fitness

Rose George writes about women’s exercise plummeting (Pandemic knocked you off your stride? An active woman’s tips for getting fit again, 26 July). The NHS wants us to vigorously run and moderately mow the lawn,, and then also strength train twice a week. Those of us who do all the housework and all the career-aspiring thinking work and then all the childcare would like to know where this time could be retrieved from? Often, we are pointed to spin classes and 2kg dumbbells and told “you can fit in a run in the morning”.

Here’s another solution: three times a week, after you deal with the kids and before work, lift a barbell loaded with two 25kg plates (or whatever you can manage) for 30-45 minutes, and then down a protein shake. Do the same thing every week, just a wee bit heavier. Ignore the “fitfluencers” doing donkey kicks

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